Dr. Dwayne Jackson


Fully Optimized Human (Exclusive access to Dr. Dwayne)

Individuals who are looking to for lifestyle, diet, and supplement education/support aimed at optimized health, well-being, and longevity. Features:
  • Holistic assessment of lifestyle factors, including diet, stress management, and sleep patterns
  • Blood work analysis, education, and recommendations (lab requisitions not provided)
  • Specialty lab service recommendations (DUTCH, Genova Diagnostics, etc)
  • Access to Dr. Dwayne’s Health Network
  • Customized ‘lifestyle blueprint’ for overall health improvement
  • Personalized and periodized exercise, supplement, and nutrition programming
  • Access to fitness tracking app for monitoring progress, messaging, etc
  • In app (chat) support
  • Weekly 1-hr video check-ins, mentorship, and education sessions
  • Unlimited daily cell phone access to Dr. Dwayne

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Dr. Dwayne Jackson
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Fully Optimized Human (Exclusive access to Dr. Dwayne)

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