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Coaching the coach


In the fast-evolving world of health and fitness coaching, continuous learning and improvement are essential to stay ahead. The “Coaching the Coach” package offers mentorship and education to coaches seeking assistance in various areas. This comprehensive package will equip coaches with the knowledge and tools necessary to excel in their practice and provide the best support to their clients.

With this package, you get a significantly discounted rate on my 1-hr video chat consultations when you prepay 10 or more sessions. You can book these sessions as you need to. This is your time to ask and learn about anything you want in the realm of health and fitness including (but not limited to):

I. Blood Work Analysis

  • Understand the significance of blood work in unraveling clients’ health status.
  • Learn how to interpret blood test results confidently and effectively.
  • Gain strategies for addressing potential issues revealed by blood work.

II. Understanding Clients’ Challenges

  • Comprehend the importance of understanding clients’ specific diseases or conditions.
  • Access educational materials and resources to enhance your knowledge in this area.
  • Learn how to adapt coaching strategies to accommodate clients’ unique needs.

III. Overcoming Weight Loss Plateaus

  • Identify common reasons for weight loss plateaus.
  • Discover practical advice and strategies to help clients break through plateaus.
  • Gain insights into adjusting nutrition and exercise plans to promote continued progress.

IV. Designing Effective Exercise Programs

  • Explore key principles of designing personalized exercise programs.
  • Access examples and templates for creating tailored workout routines.
  • Receive guidance on tracking progress and making necessary adjustments.

V. Understanding Physiology

  • Understand the importance of basic human physiology in effective coaching.
  • Access educational resources and references to deepen your understanding.
  • Apply physiological concepts practically in coaching scenarios.

VI. Diet Design

  • Recognize the significance of nutrition in achieving optimal results for clients.
  • Gain guidance on designing individualized diet plans based on clients’ goals and needs.
  • Learn tips for monitoring and adjusting dietary strategies as required.

Price is for 20 x 1-hr live online mentoring sessions

*Packages must be used within 1-yr of purchase date

Pricing (USD)

Single 1-hr consultation, Package of 10 x 1-hr consultations (save 25%), Package of 20 x 1-hr consultations (save 35%)

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