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Personalized Consultation

Be The Best You

Dr. Dwayne N. Jackson is a highly sought-after personal coach, consultant, and nutritionist. He provides personalized coaching to help you achieve your fitness and nutritional goals. Dr. Jackson has the knowledge and experience to help you reach your goals quickly and easily.

As a Health Specialist, Dr. Jackson uses a science-based and data-driven approach to improving health and performance. His current roster includes:

Professional Atheletes
Recreational Atheletes
Diseased Populations

(diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease, etc.)

Individuals Seeking Improved Health

(weight loss, muscle gain, and/or overall well-being)


What's Included?

When you work with Dr. Dwayne N. Jackson, you get much more than just a nutrition or fitness coach. You get a consultant who will help you create a personalized plan that fits your unique needs and lifestyle. Whether you are looking to improve your health, lose weight, or build muscle, Dr. Jackson can help you achieve your goals.

Services included in packages include (but are not limited to):

Personized Coaching programs

Start Your Journey Now

So you’re ready to start your journey to a healthier, more fit you?  Excellent decision!  Dr. Dwayne N. Jackson is here to help coach and guide you every step of the way.  All packages are 100% personalized and unique to each client’s goals and health status. Chose a coaching package that suits your needs and make the change to better health and self care today!

Weight Loss Transformer

Fully Optimized Human (Exclusive access to Dr. Dwayne)

Muscle Builder Elite

Coaching The Coach

Gut Health Revival

Optimized Human

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