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Welcome to our Reference Guide!

vibe mushrooms

Thank you for your interest in Vibe Mushrooms and welcome to our Reference Guide!


For thousands of years, mushrooms have been consumed by humans as food and used as medicinal therapeutics throughout Asia and in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).  In western countries, although mushrooms have always been appreciated for their culinary and nutritional value, they are only recently gaining recognition for their pharmacological actions and physiological benefits.


It has been recently estimated that there are about 27,000 species of mushrooms, and among them, approximately 10% are identified as edible. Of the edible mushrooms, there about 270 species that are currently considered to have medicinal potential and are hypothesized to play a significant role in human wellness and performance—we call these medicinal or functional mushrooms.


In this guide you will be introduced to the science, applications, and use of Vibe’s medicinal mushroom extracts, which include Lion’s Mane, Red Reishi, Turkey Tail, and Cordyceps. We all know that knowledge is power, so we put this guide to together to empower you with the education you will need to make scientifically informed decisions on which of our products and dosing will best suit your health, performance, and lifestyle needs.


Welcome to the Vibe Tribe, enjoy the journey!


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