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A great WHEY to increase strength and turbo-boost recovery!

With all the different protein supplements available today it is difficult to decide what is best for your personal goals. Thankfully protein supplementation and exercise research has exploded in the past decade and has defined several differing roles for the many protein sources available today. 


Whey protein hydrolysate (“whey hydro”) is made from whey isolate by a pre-digestion process. This processing requires special enzymes that break down the protein (hydrolyze), resulting in the production of peptide fractions (short chains of amino acids). These fractions are low molecular weight and thus pass through digestion quickly. In fact, small Di- and tri-peptides absorb faster than any other protein or amino acid supplement available. As a result of rapid absorption, whey hydro ingestion pushes water into muscle cells (cell volumizing), speeds recovery, and signals for increased anabolic drive. 


The most recent research published in the Journal of Functional Foods in Health and Disease tells us that, compared to whey protein isolate, whey hydro supplementation has the unique ability to preserve strength during high intensity muscle damaging eccentric exercise and speed recovery. This is great news for strength athletes competing in back to back events and bodybuilders who train more than once a day! 


ACTION POINT: To boost recovery we always recommend to take in 30-40 g of high quality protein immediately after training. To preserve strength and turbo boost recovery, make sure that 25g of your postworkout protein shake consists of whey protein hydrolysate. This can be accomplished by making your own blend or buying a pre-blended protein powder that contains whey hydro. 



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