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Unlocking Muscle Growth: The Role of Whey Protein Supplements

From supplements to workout programs, strength-training principles are always up for scientific debate. Interestingly, a recent article published in Amino Acids asked two fundamental questions: 1) Is eccentric exercise better than concentric exercise for muscle building, and 2) Does supplementing protein and/or carbohydrates augment muscle building under eccentric and/or concentric exercise?  


Interestingly, the researchers concluded that regardless of the type of exercise, 12 weeks of strength training with WPH + CHO supplements lead to over 2 fold greater (7.3 ± 1.0 versus 3.4 ± 0.8%) muscle growth compared to taking in the same amount of supplemental calories (isocaloric) with CHO only.


Based on this latest study, regardless of your training preference it is imperative that you are using a high quality whey protein supplement to achieve maximal gains. 

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