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Stack your supplements for WHEY better results

Supplement R&D teams endlessly toil to uncover safe and natural supplements that promote strength, muscle building, and fat loss. Over the past several decades, their rigorous research efforts have brought us many effective products that work together with hard training and dieting to promote lean and muscular physiques. Interestingly, the latest research illustrates that stacking some of the top muscle building supplements can synergistically drive anabolism and increase fat loss better than taking them alone—This is great news, since many of today’s best selling pre-/post-workout supplements are formulated with well established muscle builders.  


One fact that cannot be disputed— resistance training combined with whey protein supplementation boosts anabolism. A recent meta-analysis, published in Sports Medicine, aimed to quantify the strength and muscle building effects of taking whey protein alone and/or in combination with other supplements. Data from 9 randomized control trials (192 subjects), which included supplementation and weight training for at least 6 weeks, were analysed. The researchers reported that whey protein supplementation alone or stacked with multi-ingredient supplements results in greater gains in muscle mass and overall strength compared to isocaloric supplementation of carbohydrate or non-whey forms of protein. Most notably, the muscle building effects of whey protein supplementation are greatest when taken with multi-ingredient supplements that contain creatine. 


ACTION POINT: Many of you are likely already using whey protein and multi-ingredient pre-/post-workout supplements. However, this meta-analysis drives home the effectiveness of taking whey protein in combination with multi-ingredient supplements that contain creatine, like pre- and post-workout formulations. If you cannot afford multi-ingredient supplements, (at the very least) we suggest that you make sure to take in 25-50g of high quality whey protein (isolate or a blend) with 5 g of creatine monohydrate, 30-60 minutes before and immediately after training. 



Naclerio F, Larumbe-Zabala E. Effects of Whey Protein Alone or as Part of a Multi-ingredient Formulation on Strength, Fat-Free Mass, or Lean Body Mass in Resistance-Trained Individuals: A Meta-analysis. Sports Med. 2015 Sep 24. [Epub ahead of print]

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