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Preworkout supplements represent some of the hottest selling products in the industry. This stands to reason, since they are a convenient, affordable, and simple way to prime the body with science backed energizing and strength-/growth-promoting supplements. Although many of the ingredients in preworkout formulas have been studied independently, less is known of the safety and efficacy of these multi-ingredient products when taken over longer periods of time.


A study published in Nutrition Research provides the latest data supporting the safety and efficacy of a preworkout blend containing caffeine (300 mg/serving), creatine (5 g/serving), beta-alanine (4 g/serving), branched chain amino acids (6 g/serving), and citrulline malate (1.5 g/serving). The researchers reported that consuming this preworkout cocktail for 28 days straight (on training and non-training days) did not negatively impact liver, kidney, and cardiovascular health. In fact, those who took the preworkout had far greater gains in fat free mass and strength (leg press 1RM) versus those who took a placebo. 


ACTION POINT: Choose a preworkout product that lists its individual ingredients and doses. Remember, you get what you pay for—high quality products tend to cost a little more, but you will benefit in the long run. Since formulations vary from product to product, always take as directed on the label. 



Kendall KL, Moon JR, Fairman CM, Spradley BD, Tai CY, Falcone PH, Carson LR, Mosman MM, Joy JM, Kim MP, Serrano ER, Esposito EN. Ingesting a preworkout supplement containing caffeine, creatine, β-alanine, amino acids, and B vitamins for 28 days is both safe and efficacious in recreationally active men. Nutr Res. 2014 May;34(5):442-9

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